• Living the Dream

    Living the Dream

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  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    We escape to sunny Queensland on another wildlife adventure with Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation. Read More
  • Future Vet Kids Camp

    Future Vet Kids Camp

    The week long camp is designed to provide young animal lovers with an insight into the world of being a practicing veterinarian. Read More
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Ben Dessen

From an early age Ben knew that all he wanted to do was spend his life learning about and caring for animal’s and educating others to do the same.  Animal’s give Ben’s life purpose and provide him with an ongoing source of curiosity and inspiration. Everything Ben has done with his life so far, everything Ben is doing with his life right now and everything he intends to do in the future, relates to a driving passion to better understand and advocate for the protection of the amazing wildlife we share this planet with.

Ben believes that by truly appreciating the beauty in other creatures we can discover the best part of ourselves.